Importance of Play

Play is how children learn and making it fun is nature's way of ensuring children get lots and lots of practice. Even tiny babies play, practising moving their hands or sucking their toes which helps them learn to control their bodies. The games children play are directly linked to the needs of the growing body and mind. Children's play has been closely studied by child psychologists who have catalogued the pattern of development of skills and abilities from birth.

If play is a child's work then they must also have the tools for their trade. Toys are tools that help a child to enjoy play.

Quality Toys:

  • Will promote "good" play by aiding in the development, education and imaginative capacity of the child, and form in the child the ability to share and co-operate with other children.
  • Are well designed and constructed.
  • Are durable and safe.

* Banner photo on this page courtesy Samantha Gravell