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What is a Toy Library?

This video provides a great overview of the benefits of toy libraries and how they work in Australia.

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War on Waste - How toy libraries keep unwanted childhood treasures out of landfill

May 30, 2017

Toy Libraries on Babytalk podcast

May 27, 2017

To celebrate World Play Day on 28 May, Penny Johnston from the ABC Babytalk podcast talks to Pia Akerman from the Caulfield Toy Library and Amanda Hotchin from Toy Libraries Australia and discover just how toy libraries work, what you might find there and why you should rush to join one immediately

Toy Libraries on ABC 774

October 03, 2016

Amanda Hotchin, Toy Libraries Australia's Vice President, talking to Red Symons about Buy Nothing New month

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Toy libraries promote the child's right to play

28 May 2019

Toy Libraries Australia is celebrating World Play Day, which this year focuses on the child's right to play.

Play is so important to all of us, especially children. Article 31 of the United National Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) recognises the right of the child to rest and leisure and to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child.

Despite this, play tends to be one of the most neglected of all rights of a child. Increased urbanisation and the commercialisation of play influences the way children engage in play. For many children in both rich and poor countries, child labour, domestic work or increasing educational demands reduce time available for play.


Families have a myriad of choices and often feel overwhelmed with toy clutter at home. By choosing toy libraries to source children's toys, families can provide a wide variety of toys to assist their child’s development, giving back to their children the right to play.


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