Toy Libraries Australia (TLA) began life as the Toy Libraries Association of Victoria (TLAV). It was formed in 1977 as the umbrella organisation of the five general Victorian toy libraries. TLAV changed its name to Toy Libraries Victoria in 2000, and to Toy Libraries Australia in 2012.

We are the peak body for over 280 toy libraries in Australia and are a non-profit incorporated association. We promote the importance and the value of play and aim to raise the profile of toy libraries in the community by publicising the role of toy libraries in promoting play, educating children and supporting families.

Encouragement, information and advice is offered to prospective and existing toy libraries, using accumulating knowledge and depth of experience. Networking of libraries is a key priority.

Membership fees fund the work of the association which is managed by a Committee who offer their services on a voluntary basis. The Committee meets bi-monthly and consists of employees and volunteers from a variety of toy libraries.

Toy Libraries Australia is proud to represent and support toy libraries from Frankston in Victoria, to Karratha in Western Australia, to Mackay in Queensland. 


Toy Libraries Australia Manager

Toy Libraries Australia employs a Manager, Sarah McCarty, for 12 hours a week. Sarah is a wealth of experience for toy libraries and her main functions are to:

  • Manage the day-to-day administration and finances of TLA

  • Provide responsive advice and support to toy libraries

  • Support the work of the committee

Member Hub

We have compiled and created an extensive range of online documents and resources available exclusively for our member toy libraries. Hit the Member Hub button above and register for login details. Once approved, log in to the Member Hub to access the hub documents and videos.

Toy Community

Toy Libraries Australia also operates a wholesale toy buying group, Toy Community, available solely to its toy library members. Toy Community is a not-for-profit social enterprise that unites the buying power of not-for-profit  toy libraries across Australia to access toys at wholesale prices. We facilitate purchase of a wide range of top quality toys suitable for toy libraries at prices much cheaper than online or retail and often hold group buys to enable toy libraries to purchase items that may otherwise be unavailable to buy due to high minimum order requirements etc.


Toy Libraries Australia employs a Toy Community Manager, Kim Hauser, on a casual basis. Kim is able to give toy libraries recommendations on great toys for your library, assist with grant applications and ensure you maximise your toy buying dollar. To register your toy library or find out more, click the Toy Community button above or contact Kim on contact@toycommunity.com.au.


Toy Libraries Australia also offers comprehensive insurance cover designed specifically for toy libraries, saving our members thousands of dollars and ensuring peace of mind for their toy libraries.




All communities can access a quality toy library


To support a growing community of Australian not-for-profit toy libraries, encouraging families to play and learn together in a sustainable way



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2019 Financial statements
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Toy Libraries Australia is governed by a volunteer Committee of Management elected annually by its membership. Members of the TLA Committee enjoy being involved in their own toy libraries, as well as supporting the work of toy libraries across Australia.

Being a member of the committee is a great way to get more involved in the toy library community, share best practice operating information and support other toy libraries. There are a number of roles available with various short and long term projects.  If you are interested in being a member, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at info@toylibraries.org.au.


Sarah McCarty

TLA Manger

Sarah has been part of Bayside Toy Library for the past five years including four years as paid staff managing party packs and as a session lead. She is a mum to a 6.5 and 4.5 year old who love the fact their mum works at a toy library just as much as she does, especially when it comes to borrowing animals or construction toys. 
When not playing mum or Toy Library Extraordinaire Sarah plays soccer for for the Hampton Hurricanes, an over 35 league of 'Mumtildas' trying to keep fit!

Kim Hauser

Toy Community Manager

 Kim has been involved with the Port Melbourne Toy Library for the past two years mainly as toy purchaser and marketing officer. She loves purchasing new toys and seeing members loan and enjoy them and hearing their stories! 

She has an energetic two year old who keeps her on my toes along with a four week old! She loves taking them out for adventures and seeing them develop and learn about the world through their eyes.  

Debbie Williams


When Debbie moved to Moonee Valley and found the commute to the Melbourne Community Toy Library too far, she decided to start a new toy library. Little did she know that the Moonee Valley Toy Library would take over her life and in 2 years grow to have 450 family members. Debbie has two young daughters, works part time as a strategy consultant and is on the Board of Monash Health. Her favourite toy is the mini micro scooter, so much so that she got a 2-wheel version for Mother's Day.

Jane O'Connell

Vice President

Jane is a qualified early childhood educator having worked for six years in kindergarten prior to her role as Manager of Stonnington Toy Library, located in Malvern in inner South East Melbourne.  Jane's experience in toy libraries started when she joined her toy library in 1996 with her first child. For her toy libraries promote play, build community and embed sustainability which is a winning combination. She's passionate about play, especially sensory and nature play.  Her favourite play materials are open ended toys, such as blocks and animals which encourage imaginative play.

Ritu Gupta


Ritu joined Croydon Toy Library (now Maroondah Toy Library) in 2015. Her 3 year old has an insatiable appetite for trikes, ride-ons and wooden puzzles. And a toy library is the best fit for such varied demands (a win-win for mum and son!!). She is a qualified MBA and CFA Charter holder and has been working with an energy consultancy group for the last 7 years. She is very excited to volunteer her time as Treasurer for TLA. 

Bec Lalor


Bec has been a member of Maroondah/Croydon Toy Library since 2006 and has helped run the toy library ever since! She has three school aged kids, is a Mandarin speaker, and LOVES board games for older kids and adults such as 7 Wonders, Jaipur and Splendor or any beautiful wooden toy produced by Artiwood or VIGA.


Anlina Jones

Anlina has been involved with Manningham Toy Library since 2008 and is currently their coordinator. Anlina has a background in graphic artwork, a passion for writing and is a stay-at-home mum to her two children. Anlina aims to continue to expand and improve Toy Libraries Australia and the great service it offers to its members. Her favourite toy at the moment is the fabulous range of Smart Games that promote problem solving and logic in fun and creative ways, with Quadrilla marble runs as a close second.

Amy Williams

Amy has been working as a toy library coordinator for 12 years, nurturing the Collingwood toy library into the thriving community service it is today. She is passionate about supporting  local families through the toy library and has a wide knowledge of toys for young children. Amy has too many favourite toys to list.

Ayse Bayramoglu

Ayse's first meeting with a toy library was at Collingwood Toy Library in early 2015, right after her migration to Australia from Turkey. She volunteered for CTL for a year with her passion growing day-by-day. Then in 2016, she became the Richmond Toy Library coordinator, where she still works. In addition to this, since mid 2017 she has been the coordinator of Kew Toy Library as well. A professional playwright, Ayse also works on her new play ideas by drawing great inspiration from toy library children. She loves cycling and maintaining her bike. Her favourite toys are the ones which tickle her undiscovered engineering skills like Magna Tiles.

Sharon Pappas

Sharon has helped the Campbelltown Toy Library in South Australia grow for the past 16 years into a busy and valued part of the community. She has watched children grow up in the community and loves to have that close connection with local families.  

She enjoys seeing parents and family members light up with enjoyment while playing and learning with their children. In particular Sharon loves toys and games which encourage family bonding time. Sharon believes that she has best job in the world.

Claire Kingdon

Claire has been a member of Hastings Toy Library on Mornington Peninsula and is currently the Coordinator of this small toy library. With a background in emergency services, she is a stay at home mum and has two young sons, Rory and Mitchell, who help contribute to her knowledge of anything related to Lego, fire trucks, diggers and trains. Claire is passionate about all things 'Toy Library' and gains much inspiration and enthusiasm from fellow committee members. Her favourite toys at the moment are the Australian-made wooden Tuzzles Puzzles, as they promote a variety of themes that appeal to young and old.

Caris Morris

Caris became a member of the Gosnells Toy Library in 2012, stepped up as Director in 2013, before becoming Session Leader in 2016. She is one of the WA Representatives for TLA, using her experience to support WA Toy Libraries. Caris' background is in Children's Services, with a Diploma and several years experience in Early Childhood. Caris has two young daughters whom have grown up at their toy library and made firm friends within its community. Her favourite toys are train sets, although she'll always have a soft spot for the Drop & Roar Dinosaur, her first toy ever borrowed.

Heather Wright

Heather has worked at the City of Burnside Toy Library in South Australia since 2007. She is passionate about Toy Libraries and the importance of play to increase learning, life skills and development. Heather loves supporting Toy Libraries, learning and finding bigger and better ways of running toy libraries and supporting parents and their children.

Paula Jones

After returning with her family to her hometown of Gunnedah in northwest NSW in 2010, Paula joined her local toy library, then in 2014 became Toy Library Coordinator at Ooranga FMRU. Fast forward to 2019 and Paula still enjoys assisting parents and carers in their endeavour to promote play and encourage their child's imagination. The Ooranga Toy Library also services the rural remote families through their mobile playgroup van, sending toys across 3 local government areas, with toys being borrowed over 100km away.  Paula believes that you can never have enough puzzles in your collection.



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