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Friday 18th November 2022

The global toy industry is very plastic intensive with a linear business model based on high consumption of disposable toys. On average, children lose interest in their toys within just 36 days and 51% of toys end up in landfill in less than a year. At the same time 75% of kids are worried about their future because of climate change and the oceans are in a plastic-waste crisis.

Toys shape how kids see and interact with the world, which gives us the opportunity and responsibility to use play to help them become more climate confident. Toy Libraries Australia and the founders of World Sustainable Toy Day think we can leave our children a better legacy than waste.

World Sustainable Toy Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd Friday of November (one week before Black Friday). The theme for the inaugural World Sustainable Toy Day is Toys That Last. 

  • Visit your local toy library to borrow, not buy, toys

  • Sign up to join the movement!

  • Follow World Sustainable Toy Day on Facebook and Twitter

  • Share on social media a video or photo of toys that your kids have played with for years using the tag #WorldSustainableToyDay

  • Share Toy Libraries Australia #WorldSustainableToyDay social media posts

  • Give a toy library voucher rather than toys as presents

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