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World Play Day celebrates children's right to play on May 28 every year.

The International Toy Library Association (ITLA) formally agreed to celebrate World Play Day at the 8th ITLA conference in Tokyo in 1999.  May 28th was chosen in recognition of the day the International Toy Library Association was formed in 1987.

Each year World Play Day has a theme that captures the spirit of the day


  • 2024 Toy Libraries grow sustainable cities and communities through play. 

  • 2023 Sustainable Play

  • 2022 Rediscover Play... Recover Through Play

  • 2021 Playing is healthy

  • 2020 Be safe, play at home

  • 2019 Child's Right to Play

  • 2018 Free Play

  • 2017 Sustainable Play

  • 2016 Play for all ages

  • 2015 Play for fun

Toy Libraries Australia and our member toy libraries join in this international celebration each year.

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