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Join Us in July 2024

Toy Libraries around Australia will be inviting local decision makers, stakeholders and other cool humans to volunteer in their local toy library for just one volunteer shift this July as part of our annual toy library awareness campaign.

We love sharing the joy that being inside a toy library can bring and we think that by spending one volunteer shift in a toy library our local politicians, business people, community leaders, and celebrities will get a slice of toy library joy.

Benefits of volunteering in your local toy library during Join Us in July include:

  1. Street credibility: it is pretty cool to be able to say that you were once a Toy Librarian Volunteer Assistant.

  2. Play: you will get to play with some of the coolest toys around, the trendy new toys as well as some old favourites from your own childhood.

  3. Yarns: a chance to chat with local families. Spend a little time with the kids, the adults and volunteers who keep things running.

  4. Laughter and joy: it is impossible to not smile and laugh when you combine volunteering, kids, toys and connecting with your community all in into one activity.

  5. Warm fuzzy feeling: that comes from knowing that you are helping the environment. Direct benefit coms from reducing the number of toys headed for landfill and indirectly by teaching kids about the share economy and to value and respect the resources they have.

It is also a chance to see the countless hours that goes on behind the scenes to keep our toy libraries open, by understanding your local toy library you will understand how your support and assistance is needed and can make a difference.

We encourage all members of parliament, business people, community leaders and celebrities to FIND A TOY LIBRARY near them and offer to 'Join in July' for just one volunteer shift.

Member toy libraries you can find more information in the Knowledge base. Head there now to see template letters, information sheet, social media templates and more.

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